"Only Luke is with Me"

Written by  Nadia de los Santos -- Colombo, Sri Lanka Wednesday, 28 June 2017 22:03

only luke is with meI was in the middle of giving an art history lecture, when the slight pain that was in my back became overwhelming and I began to shiver uncontrollably. Everything hurt so badly, and tears started to well up in my eyes. It was so strange being rushed to the ER for a fever. They took my blood for a test and later that night when we got the results I was admitted to Durden's Hospital.

David had been ill too and was resting at home, but the next day he plummeted too, and was rushed and admitted to the hospital as well.

We had rooms directly opposite each other, saline drips, a measuring jar to measure how much water we drank every hour, and one to measure output fluids too.

My dad had to fly to Colombo for work and my mum opted to tag along to get some time with us. It was the last week of January 2017, and we had such a fun time getting encouraged and chilling with them in their hotel. He flew back Sunday, and that Wednesday, February 1st my mum was left with two very sick people. Both David and I had got dengue fever - a painful debilitating mosquito-borne tropical disease, at the exact same time. We were in the hospital for a week, and it was pretty miserable. I lost my appetite, my energy, my mind and felt so helpless. Even after we were discharged, we laid in bed for a week with little energy to even walk to the next room. In the past week our blood platelet counts had gone from the over 150,000 to less than 30,000 which risked us hemorrhaging out / blood leakage (hence staying hydrated and watching our outputs was essential in case there were leaks in our system, they would know immediately).

It took almost three months for me to regain my strength and energy levels (which was basically last month). I was so fatigued those three months though and continued to work 8-5pm...but you know what? I got better. We both got better. Thank you God!

And as dramatic and life-threatening as it was, God was amazing to us through out all of it.

Tell me...

What are the odds for my mum being there when both my husband and I get dengue and is able to look after us in the hospital and after?

What are the odds we both get sick at the same time? (This was also a weird blessing because of the time we got to lie in bed and talk to each other in between recovery naps).

What are the odds that this happened just when I was completely overwhelmed with work and ministry and then all of a sudden - two weeks off, plus everyone was visiting me (especially the Christians whose faith I was concerned about)?

Now mind you, it has taken me some time to get out of my haze of discouragement, loneliness, and just a constant sadness. And this blog is one of the ways I'm refocusing on all the good God has done through the hardships that surrounds us. But I'm able to get better because of the grace shown to me by my God, his word, the Holy Spirit, prayer, my faithful husband who is an incredible man after God's own heart, my parents (who are amazing disciples themselves leading an entire region in Mumbai, a city of 18 million, while working secular jobs. Obviously they're a lot higher on the food chain job-wise which gives them the ability to serve so well), some of my close friends who've stayed in touch with me from across the ocean, and the amazing disciples in the Colombo Christian Church.


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