A Jam-Packed, Joy-Filled Life

Written by  Jennie Goutet -- Paris, France Sunday, 18 June 2017 19:05

jennie goutetThursday, May 25th was the day of Ascension, a public holiday in France. We had the day off, then the school system took off the Friday as well to make a long weekend. It's called le pont – the bridge. This was such a jam-packed, joy-filled four days of utter exhaustion and bliss I thought I would share the stories and photos with you.

Thursday was the calm before the storm. All I had to do was make hydrangea cupcakes for a bachelorette party, then drive through Paris to get there. Upon my return, I needed only hold the fort while Matthieu went to the stag party. (Mild, both of them, as these were church friends).

The couple getting married are children of friends of ours. But since they got started early on as a family, and we got started late here we are attending our friends' children's wedding. The couple is mixed English-French and they became Christians in Boston a couple decades ago. Their son, Pierre, married Debbie, the daughter of a family in the Boston ministry (but the two sets of parents had not met back in the day). She had come here to study abroad, and although Pierre was in Sweden working, they ended up meeting in four different countries in rapid succession through mutual friends. And the rest is history.

That's for the background. Thursday was a blast. Friday, I had two Bible studies scheduled, plus a lunch in between. And since the kids had off school, they played together while we studied. For one of the two people, we were preparing for her baptism by counting the costs (this comes from Luke 14:25-33). Like Thursday, this was also a relatively calm day, despite the Bible studies and extra kids.

On Saturday, things started to get heated, beginning with the weather. I went to our town hall to meet a friend who is building her portfolio as a photographer. We found a few places to take official photos for my blog and next book.

Then we came home and finished the photo shoot here. She's also expressed interest in doing a cooking photo shoot so that there are photos of me cooking, alongside the food. We'll be setting up a time to do all that. And I'll share the best photos with you when I get them. It was a great experience.

Then it was time for the wedding.


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