32 Years and Full Circle, from California to Germany

Written by  Dörthe Brandt, Berlin, Germany Sunday, 07 October 2012 21:40

"From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.“Acts17:26
Berlin, Germany on Sunday June 24th 2012 was the place where this scripture came alive for our family once more when our daughter Hannah was baptized.

Oakdale, CA 32 years earlier was the starting point of the prelimanary story, which lead to this glorious event last June. In 1980 I just had arrived as a 17 year old exchange student in a small village in the USA. Coming from a large town in Germany, grown up with humanistic thinking, it was quite a change to live on a farm, where everything was very different from my home, even the door knobs.
God had determined exactly this place for me to live with a host family for one year, who believed in God and attended a Church of Christ, where I read the bible for the first time. Attending services gave God`s word the opportunity to work on my heart. By the end of the year I decided to live for God and my spiritual journey started.

Duesseldorf, Germany was my home town, to which I returned after the exchange year in 1980.
Going back I didn´t even know if there were Bible based churches in Germany. All I knew were the official Catholic and Protestant churches and Jehova‘s Witnesses. But there was a small Bible believing church near my hometown where I attended for the next six years.

Boulder, Colorado was the home of a brother, who God brought to Germany in 1984 to study photography and attented our church. God had determined times and places again. This brother introduced me to the idea of discipleship and took me and our small youth group to a spiritual meeting.

London,UK where at that time the church had just started hosted an inspirational meeting. What I experienced there was so different, from what I had ever seen before: young and old people, punks and business people attending the same church service, a joyous atmosphere and no boring sermon. After that week-end I knew that I needed more for my spiritual life than I had experienced so far.

San Francisco, CA was the next place on my spiritual journey, since I had heard of plans to send a Mission team to Germany from there, which I was interested in. Being with the church in 1986 opened my eyes to what a life as a disciple of Jesus really meant.

Boston, MA was my new home a year later, since the mission Team to Germany was planned to send out from there now. By staying with a Christian famity with three children, God taught me valuable lessons about family life, which I could use years later with my own kids.

Munich, Germany became an unforgettable experience, when God allowed me to be part of a Mission team in 1989 with the dream of evangelizing my home country. At the same time God had determined times and places at the other end of the world.

Sydney, Australia was the city where my future German husband, Klaus, was met by an English brother, who took part in an evangelistic campaign. Klaus decided to move to Munich and support the mission team. We were married in 1990.

Berlin, Germany became the new home of our family a year later and this was where our children Hannah and Jonathan were born. Since their birth, they received letters and packages from their “American grandparents“ from Oakadale, CA, who we had stayed in touch with. They came to visit us in Berlin when Hannah was two. Even after my host father‘s death “grandma“ kept sending gifts to our children. I had the dream that one day we would be able to meet all together and my children would get to know “grandma“ and the place where my spiritual journey had started.

Oakdale, CA was the place, where I was able to return to in 2010 after more than 20 years
and my children could meet “grandma“ in person. It was a memorable time to go back to my roots and now we started dreaming of a visit to Berlin from my former host mother. When I received the news that she and her daughter would come to Berlin for a week in 2012 Hannah had already started to study the bible. I thought that it would be a miracle if my daughter could be baptized, while “grandma“ was in Berlin, but I didn`t mention it to Hannah, because I didn`t want her to feel pressured and decide on her own when she would be ready to be baptized.

Berlin, Germany
on Sunday June 24th 2012 my former host mom and host sister witnessed Hannah‘s baptism during the only sunday they were in Berlin, 32 years after giving me the chance to get to know God. Our creator has perfect timing!

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