Good News and Inspiration from Lebanon

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 02:53

Imagine on a very ordinary work day, your life changes in a second forever! An accident leads to losing your body. No arms to wrap around your wife; no hands to hold the ones you love; no fingers to experience touch; no way to lift or carry things. With one mistake, you lose the feel of your body from neck to toes… No ability to walk, run, or even stands, to touch your two young toddlers, or even to wipe your own tears! This in brief is the story of our beloved brother Samir.

I first met Samir last year at the marriage retreat with Al and Gloria Baird in Lebanon, a man full of life and dynamic…Yet on that dark day; death was his only option due to the vastness of the accident. But God had other plans for him. After months in the hospital undergoing surgeries and losing his body to total sleep, Doctors said he wouldn’t ever talk or move again! But Samir showed his faith in the way he studied the Bible during his painful moments and sharing the good news with the surrounding patients. His faith shined in his distress!

On Sunday, January 27, 2013, Samir joined the kingdom in his inspiring baptism…Even though we are all sinners that need grace; Samir’s baptism broke our pride enormously. None can deny the very special flavor of seeing him carried by his brothers on his sheet and baptized in the hand-made tub that his twin brother did for him with wheels to allow us and his family to be around him while he declared Jesus his Lord.

Samir is a man who chose to change his catastrophe into a victory and declared that his accident brought purpose to his existence. He believes wholeheartedly that there is a purpose in his struggles. His attitude along with his faith and trust in the Lord are the keys to serve the Lord and face his challenges with joy.

His baptism will open the door to start a new church in the mountains of Lebanon , in the city of Zahle , two hours away from Beirut .

Brothers and sisters please be praying for the new church planting.

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