S.U.R.G.E - Singles United Representing God Everywhere: 2016 Latin America Trip Featured

Written by  Chad Winchell -- Northern Virginia, VA, USA Monday, 14 November 2016 11:05
Single brothers and sisters from around the U.S. traveled with S.U.R.G.E to Latin America. We went to encourage disciples at the “Conferencia Las Americas” and then to three different churches in three different countries. 

S.U.R.G.E Latin America Trip ParticipantsIt was inspiring to see 18 single disciples using their faith, time, and resources to strengthen, encourage, and inspire our brothers and sisters in South America! It’s always cool to see the instant unity and connection that happens when brothers and sisters come on these trips.  

A sense of partnership and camaraderie was clear from the start within the group, which included a sister who had been a disciple for only four months. The bonding was swift as we enjoyed meals together, shared stories and helped each other figure out our new environment.

First stop: Lima, Peru at the “Conferencia Las Americas,” where disciples gathered from all over Central, South America, and the Caribbean. In addition to the inspiring messages, worship and fellowship, the dance party on Saturday evening was “off the chain”!  The experience was made even more meaningful through willing volunteers who provided translation for the non-Spanish speaking participants.

Next stop: Machu Picchu, where many of us were able to go on an adventure to visit the famous ancient ruins. We flew to Cusco, Peru and then journeyed two more hours by bus to spend the night in a small town. The following day saw us take another two-hour train ride followed by a 30-minute bus ride up the steep mountain to arrive at the historic sight. 

God provided a beautiful sunny morning and early afternoon before the clouds and rain rolled in late in the afternoon. It was fun to share the memories of seeing that historical place with our brothers and sisters who were now friends. 

Final stops: Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia. From Cusco we split into three groups to visit and encourage the churches in Asuncion, Paraguay, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and Medellin, Colombia. Keep an eye open for reports from the singles that went with each group. 

IMG-20161030-WA0023In each of the host cities we felt the hospitality and warmth of the disciples, which made us feel deeply loved and cared for. It was so encouraging to see amazing, faithful disciples in each of these cities, each with a unique story to share!  We saw disciples who were in the same battle of faith we are all in: fighting to hold to the truth found in God's Word in both life and doctrine and contending to remain faithful to God through various trials and temptations. And the love definitely went both ways as the disciples in each city expressed their inspiration and gratitude for our visit. 

Although many of us had met for the very first time on the trip, we had a blast with each other and built great friendships! It was so fun travelling, eating, laughing, and serving God together. The disciples in the cities we visited won our hearts. We were blessed to get to witness the faith, love, and hope disciples have in our amazing God...all over the world!  

Consider adding the adventure of a S.U.R.G.E Singles Mission Trip to your 2017 bucket list! In 2017 we will go to Europe from June 30 to July 11, visiting churches in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland, Dublin, Ireland, Brussels, Belgium, Tirana, Albania and Bucharest, Romania. But why stop there? We will also visit a few other churches in South America. If you are interested in joining the Europe trip or a future S.U.R.G.E Singles Mission Trip please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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