SURGE Singles Missions to Visit Latin America in October Featured

Written by  Chad Winchell -- Fairfax, VA Wednesday, 10 February 2016 08:56

SURGE 3In late January, all the Central, South America, and Carribbean church leaders gathered at the Miami School of Missions. A couple of us also joined them for two days on behalf of SURGE Singles Missions. We shared about single disciples on fire for God, and how 25 single disciples traveled to encourage five churches in Europe last summer! These 25 disciples came from 14 different churches in nine different nations, and another group of 10 disciples from nine US churches visited and encouraged four churches in Brazil just last October.

We were so encouraged to hear an outpouring of gratitude and encouragement from the church leaders in the Brazilian churches. They shared about the encouragement and impact that the SURGE visit brought to the disciples in their churches. They also shared great news about a sister named Silvia Cavalcante from Brazil who joined us on our last SURGE trip to Europe. One of the Brazilian leaders told us how Silvia's participation in the SURGE Euro Trip transformed her is such a great way, and Silvia returned from Europe with an inspiration and a desire to have a lasting impact. Today Silvia is now dreaming of joining a future mission team to plant a new church in Brazil! 

There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm in SURGE visiting other cities in Latin America, and SURGE Singles Missions will be visiting Latin America in October of 2016.

SURGE logoSURGE will join disciples from all over Latin America at the "Conferencia De Las Americas" in Lima Peru from October 20-23. Then we will go in groups of seven to 10 singles to three different churches: Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Medellin, Colombia, and Asuncion, Paraguay. Each group will stay with disciples, have great times of fellowship, invite people for a special Sunday invitation service, and have great fun with singles from the local church!

It's great to see how throughout every generation God is using and will continue to use single disciples to inspire, encourage and impact our fellow disciples all over the world.

If you have any interest in joining the SURGE 2016 trip to Latin America, please send Chad an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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