Singlehood Redefined Singles Retreat in Texas

Written by  Singles Ministry - San Antonio, TX Sunday, 14 October 2012 14:13

On an unusually cold weekend in October, about an hour outside of Dallas, singles from all over Texas, Oklahoma and even Colorado gathered for an incredible time of fellowship, lessons and time with God amongst his beautiful creation. The occasion was the Singlehood Redefined singles retreat.

Singles were encouraged to read ahead of time the book Singlehood Redefined (published by Discipleship Publications International). The book has 30 chapters written by authors from around the world sharing very openly about their lives and encouraging singles to redefine the way they view this stage in their life. The retreat had exactly the same purpose with classes and messages named after chapters in the book. All of the classes were taught by singles or disciples who were recently single.

There was such an amazing buzz at the retreat and after the retreat, as people shared what they learned and how much they appreciated the time to fellowship with disciples from different churches. More than 200 people attended, including many guests who are studying the Bible. One woman had been studying and was so impacted by the retreat, she decided to give her whole heart to God and was baptized a week later. She shared about her fears going into the weekend and how she was so encouraged by the body of Christ and the great opportunity to get away from everyday life to be with God and other disciples.

Memories were made through activities such as praying in groups at the bonfire, teaming up for Olympics Redefined (with one activity being Jumbo Jenga), playing sports, dancing and just simply enjoying eating meals together. Many singles stepped up to serve and to help make it an amazing retreat.

The buzz continues as pictures are posted on Facebook and disciples are sharing how the retreat impacted their life. It was a little taste of what heaven will be like and a great reminder that we have so much to be grateful for and we need to continue to share it with those around us. We look forward to seeing the great ways God will continue to redefine the lives of those in and impacted by our singles ministries.

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