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Written by  Disciples Today Global Ministry Monday, 15 October 2012 02:17

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Membership to DTHeartAndSoul.com is now open to single disciples around the world to build new friendships! Membership is on the rise as new brothers and sisters are signing up to the recently enhanced website. Nearly 18,000 disciples witnessed the unveiling of a special video at the World Discipleship Summit.


What is DTHeartandSoul ?

DTHeartandSoul.com is an online relationship service to connect single disciples in the International Churches of Christ who are ready and serious about finding a Christian mate. Visit the site to Learn More or read our Testimonials on the three marriages resulting from disciples meeting on DTHeartandSoul.com.

Take advantage of our Twelve-Month Membership!

($15.00 USD per month for industrialized nations, $6.00 USD per month for developing nations)
Why sign up for DTHeartandSoul?
  • Lower prices for all subscriptions; discounted rates for developing nations
  • Enhanced match filtering gives you control of your match results
  • No-pressure subscription plans featuring several options and no automatic renewal
  • Conduct your relationships at a pace in which you are comfortable, with our five-phase approach
  • Membership is open to disciples internationally
  • 3 Couples married, 2 engaged, more dating, many friendships among people who would not have met any other way.
Sign up today!
Be on the lookout for new members, as brothers and sisters are signing up from around the world!


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