Seattle Offers "History Makers" Internship Program

Thursday, 07 February 2013 02:41

What if you had a year with no work, no distractions and an intense desire to live as Jesus did? What if you spent a year of your life being trained to be a disciple capable of training others and leading leaders? Starting fall of 2013, we want to invite young men and women with an opportunity to serve full-time for a year while you live with host families in the Seattle Church and participate in local, regional and foreign missions. Our goal is that you would spend a year being trained in all aspects of the full time ministry.

You will help the Northwest by providing a place to train interns from other churches as well as providing other churches with trained interns for 2 months. Lastly, it will strengthen our efforts throughout the Kingdom as we help support an overseas mission site and return fully trained interns back to sponsoring churches.

But what do you think it will do for you if you lived for a year without anything keeping you from focusing on living out the great commission? You could make history, starting today.

About the Program

Mission Statement: Seattle's History Makers Program invites and inspires a new generation of young disciples to engage anew the frontier of world evangelism--locally, regionally, and globally--by offering intensive training as full time ministry interns for one year in five key areas: Evangelism, Discipleship, Bible Application, Leadership and Counseling.

Participants will be required to raise $2500 by Aug 15th to help support themselves for the year and pay for their travel overseas. The Seattle Church will match their funding, sponsor the program and provide a host family where the participants will live during their time in Seattle. Regional and Overseas room and board will be provided by those participating churches.

The program is unique in that all participants will receive training from a senior evangelist and member of the Seattle Church Staff. As a member of History Makers you will be taught leadership, Bible, Counseling and Evangelism in a hands on way that will help you no matter what your baseline is when you start the program. You will serve alongside volunteers with Team Works Washington and evangelize on Seattle Campuses. You will be a part of dynamic discipleship groups and build a cohort of brothers in arms as you test yourself and your faith. You'll travel, visiting Northwest Churches and building up the greater Kingdom of God in the process, living as Jesus did. Visit us online at

We hope you join us and come ready for a true ministry adventure.

Your brothers and sisters in the faith,
Seattle Church, staff and leadership
The Seattle Church of Christ

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