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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 12:18

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. — Galatians 6:10

Who: North American and Caribbean disciples

What: Request for help to rebuild houses for disciples and their neighbors in Haiti.

When: December donation for January-February 2017 relief and rebuilding

LesCayesLadyThe request: 


Each church who chooses to participate, please:
  • Schedule a collection for December and inform your members and their friends.
  • Show ICOC HotNews video (Click here)
  • Notify Wade Cook that your church is participating: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Checks should be made out to: HOPE worldwide and marked "Haiti Relief"
  • Please send checks to the new HOPEww office: 4231 Balboa Ave. #330, San Diego, CA, 92117



Response phase: On October 3, 2016, category 4 Hurricane Matthew struck the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere still recovering from the devastating earthquake with wind gusts up to 185 mph and about 40 inches of rain leaving over 1,000 dead and multitudes homeless. HOPE worldwide was immediately on the scene providing humanitarian assistance while looking for ways to help the community and the hundreds of disciples affected. 

Relief and rebuilding phase: HOPEww needs help to send relief and to rebuild homes of disciples. Their careful and thorough needs assessment has been reviewed by the ICOC HOPEww and Benevolence Service Team and the ICOC Chairmen Service Team. Both groups highly recommend that the churches in North America and the Caribbean join in this urgent effort to help our those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

For more details, see below.

Disaster Relief: Phase 1

First month:

  • Immediately after the storm, we communicated with HOPEww in Haiti and the ICOC leader there (Lesly Cadet, who oversees 14 churches and over 1000 disciples). HOPEww made a quick decision to send $5000 to help the disciples and their neighbors for life-saving needs of food, water, medicines, and shelter. 
  • HOPEww dispatched Charles Ham our International Disaster response coordinator and Wade Cook, our U.S. Vice President, to go to Haiti to evaluate and assess the needs and capacity of Haiti as well as HOPE personnel in Haiti.
  • Currently, the disciples are safe, and we are providing food support, at least for another month. HOPEww has received about $37k donations from individuals. One-third was spent to support the first month’s work’s.
  • A staff person will be hired for next three months as relief coordinator for the work there and to help fundraise.
  • Wade Cook continues to monitor the situation in Haiti.
  • Click here for the full Needs Assessment

Village of HOPE HaitiRebuilding: Phase 2

Current needs:

  • We are looking to repair at least 44 houses at an average cost of $2500 per home. One of those homes will be for our senior ministry couple in Le Cayes.  
  • The current funds at HOPEww will only be sufficient for food and emergency support for the next three months.
  • The needs of the communities surrounding the members of the church may expand exponentially as expected.
  • The situation in Haiti may very well become worse as water and food scarcity may easily reach emergency levels once again. Haiti's infrastructure is extremely fragile and may not be able to sustain its population. HOPEww is working on long-term solutions for rebuilding and sustainable solutions.

Special note: The houses previously built by HOPE worldwide endured the hurricane virtually unscathed (see above).

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