The Richest Man in Haiti

Thursday, 02 August 2012 13:12

Evangelist Louino Etienne passed away in Haiti on March 12th from a sudden respiratory illness. He leaves behind his wife, Fifi, and their adopted daughter both of whom now live in the Village of Hope outside of Port-au-Prince.

"Loulou" also leaves behind an enormous legacy of unconditional love for both the materially and spiritually poor. Shortly after Hurricane Jeanne killed thousands in Southeast Haiti in 2004, Loulou and his wife moved to the remote mountain hamlet of Bodarie to help rebuild the devastated community as well as plant a church. With $25,000 in relief money raised by the New York City Church of Christ, the Etiennes soon realized that free education was what the community really needed. And so began the Bodarie School which today provides a free education, daily hot meal, clean drinking water and annual medical exam for each of its 400 students. The work continues thanks to the financial help of Haitian Support, a disciple-led US based charity, as well as Hope Worldwide.

Eight years after Hurricane Jeanne, the Bodarie church now has 70 disciples and meets at the Bodarie School. There's no question that Loulou personally and profoundly impacted the lives of thousands not only as the Bodarie School's visionary and founder, a minister of the gospel but also as an example of a life truly worth living. For those who were fortunate enough to have been embraced by Loulou's boundless love, we can all agree that he was the richest man in Haiti.


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