ICMC East Report 2017

“It’s a change. It’s different.” These were the words of the hilarious Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial parody that advertised the long-awaited ICMC East 2017. And like the words above, the conference was definitely a departure from years before. It was not held on July 4th weekend. It was not the usual Thursday through Sunday schedule. It was not even held in a renowned, bustling city. It was different indeed and many are saying that it was one of the best ICMCs ever.

The Lord Provides: Genesis 22:8

The call was not a familiar number, so the call was not answered...but the Lord provided and they left a message!  Kweneshia Price, director of the Aspiring Eagles Academy at North Carolina Central University, had a simple request, "Can we bring a bus load of incoming freshmen and advisers to worship with the Triangle Church of Christ?" Yes, the Lord provides!

Good News from the Southeast U.S. Campus Retreat

The calling of Jesus is alive again in the campus ministries. On the last weekend of February the campus ministries across the Southeast US came together for an incredible retreat in Ocoee, Tennessee.  Over 500 students came to learn to walk "In His Steps." The retreat focused on the book of 1 Peter and the call to follow Jesus' steps. God spoke through the whole weekend with our guest speakers, Jesse and Alexandra Ghoman, campus ministers from Boston.

"By Faith" Conference in Estonia a Huge Success!

Good news from Tallinn, Estonia! Over the weekend of the April 7-9, our church was blessed with hosting the 2017 “By Faith” Campus Ministry Conference. Students came by car, boat, and plane from 11 countries to worship God and grow in their faith.

2017 "By Faith" Estonia Campus Ministry Conference

The church in Tallinn, Estonia is very excited to extend an invitation to the "By Faith" Campus Ministry Conference taking place April 7-9, 2017. The regional conference is open to any campus disciples from anywhere in God's kingdom.

Come to College in Oregon!

We want you to know our family of Christians extends across the Oregon Willamette Valley and beyond. If you’re considering where to go for college, come to Oregon! College can be both intimidating and exciting; however, with the right people, it can be awesome! 

Registration Open for ICMC West

Registration is now open for 2017 ICMC West! This year’s conference is being hosted in Austin, Texas, June 29 - July 2. You don’t want to miss an amazing weekend of spiritual rejuvenation and inspiration with disciples from all across the western United States! 

Christmas Break Advice

I wrote this for the campus students but it might benefit the rest of us as well...

It’s Christmas time, campus!! What are your plans? 

Bolivian Campus Ministries October Update

La Paz Campus Ministry

In September, we had a women ́s conference titled "I‘m Loved and Valued" in which we had more than 150 women attend, and 120 of them expressed their desire to study the bible. Many of our campus friends attended and some even invited their friends and family. As a result from the conference we have had many bible studies in the campus and in the church. We are very grateful and sure that God took the glory with all the seeds He is planting. 

In October disciples from all over South America, Central America and the United States got together for the Conferencia de las Americas in Lima, Peru. We had great classes for campus that helped us a lot. Through the many things we learned one was to take the challenge of reaching out to our generation with courage and boldness.

Grover makes Jesus Lord!

Grover is a campus student, we met at a bible talk and was invited by Huascar. He studied the Bible for a couple of months and this past month he decided to get baptized and make Jesus his Lord and savior. It’s amazing to see how God is working on the campuses. To Him be the glory!

Santa Cruz Campus Ministry

We are so encouraged! At the beginning of the month God blessed us with a new brother in Christ. Ricardo Coarite made the decision to be baptized and to follow Jesus. He was invited by a sister to our Sunday service. His constant attendance on Sundays and midweeks demonstrated his interest to learn more. After studying the Bible for nearly four months we could see how God transformed his heart and interests in life.
When we were studying the Bible, Ricardo always said, “Give me more of the Bible.” This is still his favorite saying. We pray for him and for God to use him powerfully in the ministry.

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