God Plants New Church in Yemen in Miraculous Way

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 12:40
Thirteen years ago was the last time a church was planted in the Middle East. After huge cuts in the Middle East budget were made after 2003, it became an impossibility to plant a new church in this area -- but God always has his own way.

myemenYemen, officially known as the Yemeni Republic, is an Arab country located in Western Asia, Arabian Gulf. It's population is 25,408,288. Its three biggest cities are "Sannaa" " Taaz" and "Adan."

According to Wikipedia, 99% of its population is Muslim. About one percent of Yemenis are non-Muslim, adhering to ChristianityJudaismHinduism, or atheism. It is the only country in the Arabian Gulf not having a church from our fellowship.

One of the Jordanian disciples met a Yemeni online while he was chatting through a religious group site. After communicating it was determined the Yemeni is one of thousands who became a Christian by different ways, some by radio and television stations, others by missionaries, but none of them truly understood how to become a disciple, or study the Bible, or live as real Christians. The two agreed to meet in Lebanon as a safe place to study the Bible.   

Two Yemenis came, and after studying the Bible for five days they became disciples and went back home with a big dream to study the Bible and convert all of their families, friends and everyone they know.

Shibam Wadi Hadhramaut YemenAfter a few months they called asking for help for someone to come to Yemen as they had studied with more than 10 people ready to be baptized! Two leaders went to Yemen to find that six of them were ready to be baptized. They more Bible studies to check their conviction, they counted the cost with them and baptized them. 

Yemen is the only country in the Arabian Gulf that has locals in the church as disciples.

There are thousands of Christians from a Muslim background in Yemen waiting for someone to go and help them and teach them how they could be disciples for Christ.  

Let us be praying for them so that our Lord can be glorified.

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