International MIssions Society Expands

Sunday, 25 November 2012 18:00

Saturday, November 17th, was a historic date for the International Missions Society. In a meeting taking place in Framingham, Massachusetts, the normal directors began to arrive. From all over New England they gathered and even several from Europe. However, numerous new faces filled the downstairs board room as well.

Several disciples from new places entered the premises because expansion has arrived as more and more churches are joining together to seek and save the lost in Europe.

A new sight unfolded as the meeting participants arrived to nice name tags in front of each seat. Boston's six delegates aligned together. The Europeans and New Englanders had their sections. But a new table was prepared for the Chicago and Midwest brothers. These five brothers had flown over for their first ever board assembly as official directors. These churches have financially supported the Ukraine for years, but had not previously joined in with the overall discussion and planning for the continent of Europe.

In addition to the Midwest crew, Randy McKean, from Northern Virginia, also took a board seat. He represents another congregation eager to give and connect with particularly the churches in Western Europe.

Lastly, Johnny Rivera, from the Central New Jersey congregation also had his place at the spiritual feast. His church's communications with Turkey and Cyprus have been vital for the past several years. As these are also European countries, Johnny was making sure a great transition of connectedness takes place as the European work is centralized and organized for the best possible encouragement of the disciples and expansion for those who are not.

Valdur Koha, IMS chairman, did his usual masterful job of directing the meeting. David Adams, IMS general counsel, walked us through the bylaws and policies. Inspirational good news and nuts and bolts financial discussions filled the day. Through it all, there was a sense of big things to come. An excitement of working together and believing in something way beyond ourselves was palpable on this special Saturday.

We are asking everyone to continue to pray that God would use His power and our unity to change the face of New England and Europe. Now, we are expanding to the Midwest USA and Northern Virginia. More minds, hearts and dollars are at work to see the people of our world hear the good news of Jesus.

What part can you play? Can you help plant a church? Can you raise funds and give generously? Can you write a letter to a missionary or a single mom in a foreign land? It is time for us all to take a bold step of faith (Matthew 14:28-29). Together it is possible.

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Jimmy Allen, New England Missions Director

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