OYC: Two Sisters Arrive at OYC Sites

Thursday, 28 September 2017 20:19

These two sisters, Londi and Marin, arrived at their One Year Challenge sites after long hours of flying, lots of planning and many prayers. Londi arrived this past Sunday afternoon, Marin, at 1 a.m. this morning! We are so encouraged by their faith. 

londi oycMarin first started considering an OYC about two years ago. Londi, less than six months ago. But both of them had to face similar questions: How do I decide if God wants me to go? Where would be best? How do I do this? 

If those are the questions you are facing, try reading more about good ways to decidebad ways to decide, and how to talk with your parents about an OYC. Or watch a short OYC Guys video about how to talk with your leaders about an OYCwhat to do when you've been told you're not ready, or choosing a better way to decide. Pray that the Spirit will guide you. 

Who knows? It could be you in a future OYC arrival photo!

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