OYC: This Baptism Won't Be Stopped!

Friday, 16 June 2017 09:14

This week, an usual set-up for a baptism at one of our OYC sites. While preparing to fill the baptism pool, the water faucet broke off at the wall, sending water spraying out all over the balcony! Some quick-witted OYC guys devised a "water slide" from a yoga mat and got the pool filled (and the water main turned off!) in time for an encouraging baptism.

Kamm (pictured below, at right) was met by a group of OYCers who studied the Bible with her for several months, watching God build faith in her heart and love for Jesus. The sharing and singing at the baptism was moving! 

Kamm is just the kind of "long term investment" the OYC guys are taking about in the video below:

New content this week on the One Year Challenge blog:

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