Copenhagen, Denmark and Lubbock, Texas Now on Disciple Adventures

Saturday, 08 December 2012 12:30

Your World of Mission Opportunities Just Got Bigger:

Today Disciple Adventures >>> added two new locations for disciples who want to get to the frontline and help mission churches.

Copenhagen, Denmark and Lubbock, Texas

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Landon and Gina Rawson have been hired to start a campus ministry in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are 26 universities in Denmark, with a total of 150,000 university students, and with currently no disciples. The need is obviously huge! The Copenhagen church also participates in the Nordic leaders training program, which happens quarterly, and that Disciple Adventures volunteers would be invited to.

The Copenhagen church is seeing volunteers to be active in evangelizing the university population and be a part of the Campus Ministry BibleTalk. This BibleTalk's mission is to start a campus ministry at the University of Copenhagen and other smaller universities in Copenhagen. The volunteers would be provided with housing and have some other expenses covered, but would need to be mostly self supporting (possibly working part time).

When starting a ministry from nothing, the first part is the hardest. A handful of campus conversions would be invaluable to our task of starting a campus ministry, and to build some momentum in helping college students. We have a fledgling teen ministry in Copenhagen (four non-disciple young men), who need role models in the faith. With the generation gap in our church (Landon being the only brother under 30) these role models are much needed. The church as a whole would also benefit immensely from the presence of fired up, joyful disciples.
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Lubbock, Texas

The Lubbock Mission Church started with 13 disciples last year and grew to 25 with most of the baptisms being on the Texas Tech Campus. This opportunity offers experience in working in a campus ministry and in a small but growing church. Being a family is something the Lubbock church loves and is one of the strengths of the church.

The Lubbock Mission Church is looking for men and women willing to come and help grow both Campus and Family ministry. The church can help with housing but not with finances at this time. The church needs disciples to come and help our young disciples grow, so it is looking for disciples with deep convictions.

In one year, the church hopes to see many more baptisms as well as the strengthening of its young disciples.

You can register for more information on serving in Copenhagen, Lubbock or any one of 16 other missions opportunities—from China to Johannesburg to Portland, Maine—on Disciple Adventures >>>, a website of Disciples Today designed to connect churches with disciples who want to serve on the front lines of the mission.

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