Twenty Teens Baptized in 2012 in Cincinnati

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 19:08

God did some amazing things in the youth and family ministry in the Cincinnati
Church of Christ in 2012. We saw twenty teens baptized into Christ during the year bringing the total number of teen disciples to thirty-three. Fifteen of the teens baptized were brought up in the church and in many cases their commitment to Christ brought to completion whole families being united in Christ.

In the Truong family, two more of their six children were baptized on the same day, joining their older sister. One of the most moving baptisms this year was Taylor Hopkins whose father was Marshall Hopkins, an elder in the Cincinnati Church. Marshall passed away suddenly on June 21 and was rejoicing in heaven as his youngest daughter was baptized by her mom and sister a few months after his death.

God sets the lonely in families, and two teens who moved in to live with their
families who were disciples made the decision to make Jesus Lord, Amadan Imade and Shawn Spriggs. Amadan moved in to live with his father and step mother who were both disciples. After a short time seeing his parents faith and the faith of the teen disciples in the youth ministry he was moved to study the Bible and became a baptized disciple. Shawn Spriggs came from the foster care system and had been unable to contact any of his family for 8 years. Shawn’s aunt and uncle had been looking for
Shawn for a long time and after a chance encounter on Facebook Shawn moved out of his difficult foster care home and moved in with his aunt and uncle to be adopted as their son. During the adoption process Antoine and Jacole Spriggs, Shawn’s aunt and uncle became disciples. After Shawn saw the incredible changes in his family and the love of the teen disciples Shawn began the process of studying the Bible and Shawn made the decision to make Jesus Lord and was baptized.

The teen disciples heard the call to make disciples and several of their friends from local high schools also made the decision to make Jesus Lord! Many of our juniors and seniors lead the studies with their friends and peers. It is amazing to see high school students not only share the gospel but take part in leading the Bible studies as they raise up to be leaders in God’s church. In the spring we graduated thirteen strong and faithful senior disciples. We are so encouraged to see each of our seniors go on to college and not only continue in their faith but also become strong and effective leaders in our campus ministries. Through the combined efforts of these graduates and others in our campus ministry led by Michael and Angela DeAquino, twelve college students were baptized in 2012 and the campus ministry now numbers forty disciples.

We are truly blessed here in Cincinnati and look forward to what God will do in 2013. See more at the Cincinnati website >>>

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