Rise 2013 Taking Place in Baton Rouge

Friday, 22 February 2013 20:44
Sometimes when we go to church, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of singing but not really connecting with God. On the other hand, when we are totally engaged and worshiping with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, it feels absolutely amazing.


Rise 2013 was created with that goal in mind -- to break free from all distractions and routine, and enter a space where we can truly connect with God.

On February 23, 2013, in Baton Rouge, we are carving out a special moment in time. Rise 2013 is all about coming together and dedicating a night to singing out as one voice to the maker and Creator of the universe. Transcending any one genre, and led by a hand-selected group of phenomenal musicians who love God, the goal is to be taken on a musical journey that will lift voices to the heavens and engage minds.

Hosted by our new mission church planting, “The Bridge Church | Baton Rouge”, Rise 2013 has been fueled by a love for God, a passion for music, and a desire to throw open the doors to the community. It has been incredibly exciting to see Rise 2013 build into something increasingly special and become a grassroots multi-church collaborative effort. We couldn't be more grateful for the professional artists and videographer coming from Los Angeles and New Orleans to give their hearts and skills to the Rise 2013 Team. It has also moved us to see their travel made possible by a sacrificial Baton Rouge disciple who donated their airfare through frequent flyer tickets.

Now with Daniel Luna leading our hearts in worship, Jazz pianist virtuoso Jordan Baker dominating the keys, Chris Vallejos laying down some mean beats on drums, Malcolm Turner playing a super-smooth bass line, Betty Collins and Gary Randall melting our hearts with stunning vocals, and Rick Lombera capturing it all with his quick hands and cameras, we couldn't be more excited.

Taking place at the LSU Union theater in Baton Rouge, an absolutely gorgeous new venue that seats 1,200 people, it provides the perfect intimate space to come together for a sacred connection. Whether married, single, student, or a teen, we hope that it will be an unforgettable time devoted to God. We are throwing the doors open to the Baton Rouge Community and anyone in the US (or world) who wants to come, and we ask of your prayers for the 35 disciples in the Bridge Church to be bold in their love as they invite everyone they know.



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