"Big Vision" Boston's Women's Worship Leadership Group

Tuesday, 05 February 2013 02:20

Boston’s new congregational worship leader, Tony Martin has put together a new Women’s Worship Leadership Group to be led by Melanie Singh of the Northern Region to strengthen the women’s worship ministries across Boston and eventually around the world!

Ephesians 3:20-21 encourages us:

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

“We are acknowledging how big our God is and what great things he wants to do with the incredible women in our churches to His glory, “ said Tony Martin.

At the first meeting on Saturday, February 2nd, we were inspired by Tony’s vision. He said, “When we dare to dream, we lose nothing, but when we don’t dream, we lose everything.” And our God is great at doing impossible things for His name.

Consistent with Tony’s theme for all the worship ministries: “We want to offer black tie services to a world class ministry,” we are looking for ways to lift the women’s ministry up like never before. “Women’s contribution to worship ministry should never be an after thought,” Tony shared. “I want to help the women come into their own.”

He also expressed that though the men are the overall leaders, women lead along side our brothers, and we need them (women) to use their gifts to the fullest

Some spiritual direction given to all of us

1.     We need to fast and pray, and ask God for wisdom and direction for this ministry.
We must beg God to help us over come our doubts, fears,  and insecurities and forge a unity that is powerful and unique to women.
We need to lead by example, staying close to our Lord in order to bring our sisters along with us into this vision.

4.     We need to Dream, Pray and then Act on the faith God has given us!

Here are some of the goals and dreams expressed at this meeting.

1.     To plan and organize powerful, excellent and diverse worship at all women’s events including our upcoming congregational Women’s Day on April 14th, 2013.

2.     To prepare a repertoire of songs that can be led by the women in this group at women’s events or used as special music at mixed events church-wide.

3.     To develop a women’s chorus of women from across the church conducted by Dr. Sandra Morales. Plans are underway, in preparation for our Christmas 2013 celebrations, Dr. Morales will also be in charge of directing a one hundred voice mixed male-female choir and 20 piece orchestra!

4.     To create a female band.

5.     To write and arrange original music by and for women.

6.     To strengthen the women’s ministry first in all the regions in Boston and then around the world.

7.     To involve the youth and train the next generation of worshippers. This will include the direction of the youth choir by Kayla Schnell and Cliff Tetle.

8.     To take this women’s ministry group on the road to Europe and around the world, beginning this year.

When Tony brought up the idea of going to Europe, many of the sisters got excited. Could we really do that? We ask for your prayers for this project. Several of us expressed this would be an answered prayer, a dream come true for us personally.


Morgan Williams, our campus representative to the group from Berklee College of Music, expressed how “Stoked” she was to have the chance to realize a dream of using her gifts to help others to worship better. She had originally been inspired to sing worship music at teen camps in Chicago led by Melanie Singh.

Melanie said she was “Humbled and convicted” by how shortsighted her vision had been before, but how exciting it was to be called higher.

Lilian Hislop shared her remarkable journey of how long ago she had prayed for God to take away her desire to do music in order to focus on ministry, but she was not happy. How wonderful that now God has given back to her ways to use her gifts in music for him.

Michelle Perry felt that after 30 years as a disciple she is enthralled to find new ways to give back to the church. She said she “Could hear God speaking to my heart that God wants to use me in music.” She believes that it is Tony Martin’s gift from God to give us vision. She is praying to be used by God in an incredible way.

I, too, feel incredibly honored to be a part of this newly formed team. Women’s ministry has always been close to my heart these 22 years as a disciple. Travelling to other churches around the world to encourage them and provide great Christian music events for them to bring their friends to and reach out to them has long been a dream of mine. I am praying God can bring together my involvement in this group and my other diverse musical projects to His glory.

Other women included in this group, but not able to join us on Saturday included; Kayla Schnell, Angela Perry and Ruby Mitchell.


But it can be scary to keep dreaming when you have not seen the results you hoped for and are getting older. We all sincerely appreciated the shot of spiritual vision in the arm Tony gave us! He said that the best things in life have happened to him since turning 40. No offense to the younger sisters out thereJ


In closing,  we are just at the beginning of this new journey in women’s ministry; and we can’t do it alone.  But most of all we need your prayers for our Women’s Worship Ministry to be all that God may dream for us. Join us in our big vision.

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