Two Bible-Centric Media Items- History Channel Mini-Series in March and DVD Series

Sunday, 03 March 2013 02:28

Hello from Atlanta! I wanted to send a quick note new television program this month in March on the History Channel. And I wanted to share a new a DVD series. Both, I hope, you will find faith-building and useful in your ministry.

The Bible tells us that God's will is revealed in at least two "books." The first is God's book of works, nature itself (Psalm 19:1-6). Through general revelation, God reveals himself to all mankind. God does not mislead, even though we may be surprised by some of the facts in his book of works. The second book is God's book of words, Scripture (Psalm 19:7-11). Science attempts to understand nature--the first book. Theology tackles the second. Then why have so many found tension between science and faith? For example, are the Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution the enemies of faith? Does the Bible tells us how old the world is, or commit us to one scientific theory or another?

As we will see in this series, contradictions between faith and science suggest someone has misread one of God's books. Sadly, most scientists no longer study theology, and often Bible teachers are outsiders to Science. Through the history of the church of Christ, unscientific positions have been dogmatically held, supposedly because biblical faith requires them.

Are you ready to have your thinking challenged? The series Science and Faith: Enemies or Allies? was recently recorded in San Antonio, and is published by IPI. This should be especially helpful for high school and college students, skeptics, and anyone with questions about the Bible and Science.

Second, friend and New Testament scholar Craig Evans (Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia) served as the N.T. consultant in the scripting and filming of THE BIBLE, a 10-hour mini-series that will air all 5 Sunday nights in March on The History Channel. Tune if if you think this would be interesting for you or your friends. Here are the History Channel Preview Trailers >>>


That's all for now. Thanks for your interest in the teaching ministry, and for your prayers.

Yours in Him,





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