Request for Urgent Prayer

Monday, 15 October 2012 17:51
Dear Family,

Four years ago a young man came into my life, and he changed it forever. I knew him when he was a "Kingdom Kid" meaning that he had been a part of our youth/teen ministry in the congregation that I was leading at the time. Years later we would reconnect after he had seriously lost his way.

He had spent years involved in what has become an international street gang, that was recently designated by the FBI as an "international criminal organization" (the first such designation of a gang operating in the U.S.). He had become "somebody" in that world, and was facing a potential death penalty by the time I found him and we reconnected. After studying the bible together for two years behind the glass and on the phone where he was being held, he was finally baptized into Christ on Cinco de Mayo.

He recently went to trial on a federal case that he has been waiting on for the last five years. He has been given 25 years in federal prison, and he has asked if I will testify at his sentencing hearing, where we will plead for leniency based on his great work with troubled teens through my ministry over the last few years-- he has impacted countless people as I have preached his redemption story around the world. I am more than willing to do that, seeing how he is my brother, and his transformation saved my life when I was trying to find my faith again.
Here is where we need YOUR prayers and the prayers of your congregations: He has decided to cooperate with the federal government and testify against his former gang-- something that is perhaps the most dangerous choice a man in his position can make. He believes it is what he is supposed to do to make things right. I don't have to tell you how his former organization has responded. The fact that he will be testifying against them was put in the paper for everyone to see, along with his name and crime. He is now in maximum/solitary confinement, as there are already numerous threats on his life.
Please pray for "Luis" and also pray for me, as I have been and will continue to be with him in court, and will continue to work with him, and this ministry that God has given me. He is your brother, and I can testify that he HAS changed. Pray that God will not only protect him through the trial, but also wherever they are going to send him (which will be somewhere outside of Georgia). Also please pray for our families to be protected by our all-powerful, loving, all-knowing, gracious Father.
I've never asked for a more serious prayer request-- please ask your congregations and families to pray for "Luis" (God knows His son's real name), and that God's will be done. And as always, to Him be ALL the glory.

Kit Cummings

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