DT CounselorConnect Open for Counseling and Collaboration

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 10:17

DTCounselorConnect.com is now open to anyone seeking professional counseling and/or coaching from commended, licensed counselors who are members of the International Churches of Christ. Professional counselors are also encouraged to visit our site to join our collaboration section, and to learn more about becoming a DT Counselor!

DT CounselorConnect is an online forum for individuals seeking a faith-based perspective in professional mental health counseling. Our mission is to help people find professional licensed counselors who are committed to following Christ, and are commended by their church leaders. We provide professional counseling and coaching through a distance counseling (or eCounseling) format. DT CounselorConnect is also committed to strengthening the connection and collaborative spirit between counselors in the ICOC!

Check out www.dtcounselorconnect.com for:
  • Full information on how DT CounselorConnect works
  • To find and schedule an appointment with a DT Counselor
  • Read research about online counseling
  • Read counselor blogs
  • Collaborate with other licensed, professional ICOC counselors.
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DT CounselorConnect
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