But What About Your Anger? Author Shares about New Book

Sunday, 27 January 2013 16:50

Illumination Publishers recently published a new book in December 2012. "But What About Your Anger? A Biblical Guide to Managing Your Anger the Way God Intended."

You don’t have to go very far in the Bible to address the topic of man’s anger. It has been an issue ever since God created man. In fact, God only had to create four people in order to see anger surface as an everyday issue in their lives as shown with Cain and Abel.

God designed you to have the capacity to experience anger to bring about change. How you handle your anger determines whether there is change or more damage. If your only examples of angry people have left you hurt, bitter, or even angry yourself, then you can learn how Godly men managed their anger such as Moses, David, Jeremiah and Nehemiah.

God’s anger is different from man’s anger and comes from an intense love for you. You've never experienced that kind of love from any human being. You've never been pursued so relentlessly and with such passion. When we continually ignore that pursuit, and stubbornly refuse to have or even want that closeness or intimacy, God's anger will eventually be aroused. This anger is not as from a jilted lover; it is not from impatience, frustration or irritation at your lack of response, but rather from a holy and just God with a plan to fulfill your dreams and protect you from the devastating consequences of sin. God's anger is necessary to accomplish all of this for you. His anger is simply a tool to bring about change, a change in you, so that all his dreams for you can come true. That's why his anger is not like ours.

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