Moral Conflict 1939 Board Game

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 08:25

A Board Game for Disciples reaching out made by a Disciple!

A Moral Conflict board game is both an exciting and deep way to share your faith or challenge each other to grow in all five major dimensions of life.

The dark powers threaten to conquer all and the lights go out all around the world. Guide your nation in the Second World War period as you dramatically experience the fruits of the flesh and its folly as described in Galatians 5. But will Satan’s lies corrupt those fighting for the fruits of the spirit?

Players gather around the board to interact in five dimensions:

military war or strength,

economic crisis or materialism,

diplomatic pressure or relationships,

technological race or skills

moral conflict or the eternal battle between good and evil.

Which dimensions do you rely on for success?

A Moral Conflict game supplied with the Moral Conflict Experience teaching guide is extremely practical and inspiring. Using the classics of world literature and the Bible you will learn to master all five dimensions, thwart Satan and win the game but more important win the game of life. : for pictures, videos, rulebooks, the Moral Conflict Experience guide and more

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