Kids Kingdom Conference for Eurasian Continent Featured

Written by  Maria Lyashenko - Kiev, Ukraine Sunday, 14 October 2012 22:00

 In September Kiev Church hosted the unique event. It happened for the first time within the International Churches of Christ - the Conference of Kids Kingdom Ministry for Eurasian Churches. The title of the conference was "Into the Future With Faith". Almost 300 brothers and sisters from 26 churches and 9 countries visited Kiev in September to participate in this great event. All 4 regions of Eurasia were presented not just by the participants - even the Organizing Committee consisted of brothers and sisters from different countries.

Shawn Wooten opened the Conference teaching on the importance of Children's Ministry. He encouraged us about the fact that this labour is very honored - to help to pass on the faith to the kids of the Kingdom.

It was so encouraging to hear the good news from the Kids Kingdom programs in different cities and countries, to see that the next generation is getting stronger - teens are getting baptized and preteens love the church. There were several stories how the children growing up in the Kingdom helped their parents by their own example of disciple to restore their faith.

Saturday started with Kids Kingdom Song and Dance class from Tatiana Solovyanova - our sister from Rostov-on-Don. All the participants were dancing and singing together learning on how to do the worship andsinging with the little and not so little children,

On the day 2 we also had a chance to hear the practical teaching on Psychological Specifics of Children in different ages as well as the difference in Perception from our brother a ministrer and a specialist in Children Psychology Alexander Kots (Moscow) and our sister Luba Ravich from Israel.

Then everyone had a chance to join the actual class in Kids Kingdom of different age-groups and our experienced brothers and sisters did a master-class presenting the real kids kingdom program with the kids in front of the participants.
Also there was a class on Children with Special Needs in the Kids Kingdom and Kids Kingdom in Small Churches.

At the end of the conference Sergei Grebtsov and Elena Wooten did a class on How to Prepare a Bible Lesson for Kids.

The conference was closed with the concert: the kids were singing songs about Jesus and the Bible. Songs based on Scriptures to help memorize the Bible are very helpful. Also two preteen girls from Kiev presented a song of their own based on Psalm 42.

During the conference there were two working groups gathered - the one to work together on Kids Curriculum and another one to work together on Kids Kingdom Website for Eurasia.

Kiev Church again had a great chance to practice its hospitality. All the visitors of the city were exited and grateful.

The feedback from the conference was incredible - disciples got new dreams, clearer directions, also everyone got pages of printed material to study and practice.

We know that this conference was a great beginning. By now many ministries in the International Churches of Christ used conferences as a great tool and a chance to strengthen the unity and power - worship ministry, youth & family ministry etc. And now Chldren's ministry has also started to use this great instrument - so the Kids Kingdom would get more attnetion and unity and power throughout the Eurasian continent. To God be the Glory in our hearts and the hearts of our children.

Click HERE to go to the pictures from the event.

Photo: Roman Maklyaev.


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