HOPEww Responding to Jakarta Flooding

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 06:59

January 22, 2013 - Heavy rains brought severe flooding to Indonesia’s capital city. The situation intensified on January 16 when flooding spread to most areas of the city. Travel is nearly impossible as flood waters are between 3-15 feet deep across some roads. The government reports that 45,000 have evacuated their homes.

(Photo: Local community rallies to save the computer equipment at the Hww Indonesia Computer Training Center)


Approximately one third of the disciples from the Jakarta Church of Christ are surrounded by flood water. In response, HOPE worldwide has formed 10 teams to help those in need, particularly seniors who are at greater risk. As of today, teams have evacuated 50 families, treated 217 people, distributed food and supplies to 30 families, and distributed clothes to 240 families.

Two Centers of HOPE worldwide are flooded. Our local staff and community volunteers are working very hard to save equipment and supplies.

HOPE worldwide Indonesia is also planning to operate mobile clinic to help neighbors in need and preventing outbreak of diseases.

Please pray that the flood waters in Jakarta recede and there will be no widespread disease after this disaster.

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