Hurricane Response, Recovery and Rebuilding

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 07:32
When the waves of Hurricane Sandy subsided, a flood of HOPE worldwide Chapter volunteers poured into the ravaged communities. A total of 1,325 HOPE worldwide volunteers provided 10,600 hours of service to disaster victims in New York and New Jersey.

Many worked in tandem with the American Red Cross distributing supplies and food or training and managing volunteers.Other Chapter volunteers reached out to neighbors helping by clearing debris, providing meals or providing hospitality to those who were displaced. A number of our volunteers were among storm victims also without electricity, water and sometimes food. We are truly grateful to the New York and New Jersey volunteers who put their faith into action to benefit and protect their neighbors.

(Photo L to R : Horacio Piccininno, Director of Central New Jersey Chapter and Johnny Rivera Lead Evangelist, Central New Jersey Church of Christ)

The New York Church of Christ, The New Jersey Region of the New York Church of Christ, The Staten Island Region of the New York Church of Christ and the Central New Jersey Church of Christ were recently recognized for their outstanding community service. We are truly grateful to these congregations and the HOPE worldwide Chapters for their quick and meaningful response to this disaster.


The Next Wave – Recovery and Rebuilding
HOPE worldwide volunteers continue to serve and help - even after the television cameras and reporters are gone. HOPE worldwide will be assisting with the long-term recovery of Staten Island, NY and Orange County, NJ. Activities to include:

  • Deploying Disaster Case Managers;
  • Continuing feeding operations in partnership with the Church of Christ Disaster Response Teams
  • Long Term Rebuilding in Staten Island, NY and Ocean County, NJ

If you are interested in becoming part of our ongoing efforts to help these communities recover and rebuild please consider joining our Disaster Case Management team, learn more at


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