New England HOPE worldwide Benevolence Conference

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 12:37

The New England Chapters of HOPE worldwide gathered together on September 29, 2012 for a training conference in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The program had Chapter and program directors from seven major cities in New England. Over 100 people attended this initial conference. The program offered a great deal of instruction, inspiration and brainstorming in order to help the volunteers enhance their outreach to the poor and needy in New England and around the world. The program covered many topics and areas of service. Some of the issues addressed were:

  1. A perspective from an evangelist discussing the importance of service to the poor on developing the character of a church aswell as how to develop a united focus of programs between church, church leaders and HOPE worldwide chapter and program directors.
  2. A biblical study was taught on the sacrifice of the first Century disciples in response to the teachings and example of Jesus.
  3. The needs of the Third World were discussed by leaders of service trips to Central
    America and the Caribbean Islands. The conference attendees were inspired and encouraged to attend future outreach efforts around the world.
  4. The benefits of HOPE worldwide were shared to the group as well as how to support HOPE worldwide was discussed.
  5. How to set up a yearly calendar and service efforts that could help create opportunities for volunteers was brainstormed by the group.
  6. The need of prayer to ask God to direct efforts and send out workers was presented by an elder to the group. A time of prayer was part of the program.
  7. A thorough presentation about how to create and organize a successful fund raiser was given.

The goal of the conference was to educate many Chapters about ways to help their volunteers develop programs and a heart to serve the poor. Many new friendships and relationships were established. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to see how God will bless the efforts of the volunteers in New England.

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