Collaboration and Town Hall Discussions

Thursday, 19 October 2017 02:12

Our 2017 ICOC Delegates meeting in Chicago represents an important mile marker for us as a global fellowship. It synthesized the recent collaborative efforts from 2500 leaders throughout 34 regional family discussions. Furnished with insights from these discussions, we assembled with broad consensus to reach the world for the gospel of Christ, to work together, and to communicate more effectively all along the way. 

town hall 1While we all had the same great objective, we approached it with differing strategies and structures. Those strategies took shape in five task forces: global missions, conflict resolution, structure, communications, and financing. All five groups published and distributed their ideas to the delegates in the weeks leading up to the Chicago meeting. They also presented their ideas to the delegates to prepare all for a productive time of floor discussion and debate in town hall settings. Each of the five task forces hosted a town hall discussion in a separate room.

During the three hours budgeted for the debates, most delegates and visitors gravitated toward lively dialogue with the Structure Task Force. As one delegate noted after three hours with the Structure Task Force, "Never before could I imagine disagreeing with the majority opinion so publicly and so passionately. Before today, I would have feared being labeled or benched or marginalized. Today, I was heard and respected." Thus, those who engaged one another did so while maintaining the unity of the Spirit.

Please click below to see the presentations made at the 2017 Delegates Meeting by these Task Forces:

Global Missions
Conflict Resolution

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