2017 Delegates Meeting – Before, During and After Featured

Thursday, 28 September 2017 21:40

BEFORE the Delegates Meeting:

2500 leaders from around the world gave their input on needs for our movement to accomplish God's mission in the future. Task Forces were charged with focusing of one of five consensus areas of need: Missions, Structure, Finances, Communication and Unity. Each Task Force, made up of a variety of leaders from around the world, was charged with creating conceptual options for the Delegates to consider in their particular focus. All the Task Force Options were published on DisciplesToday.org and icocleaders.org by the end of August.

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In preparation for the 2017 Delegates Meeting in Chicago from October 4-6:

  • Pray and fast. "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." Proverbs 16:9
  • Please click here to download and read the 2017 Delegates Meeting Booklet which contains the complete program, vital information and the ballots.
  • Review the additional materials below to better understand the Task Force Options.

DURING the Delegates Meeting:

The Task Forces will each present a wide variety of options, answer questions and lead extensive discussions. Everyone will join in prayer for God's guidance. A vote will be taken to give the Task Forces direction on which concepts to pursue.

AFTER the Delegates Meeting:

  • The entire Delegates Meeting is being recorded and will be available on DToday.tv the week after the conference.
  • Regional Chairmen and Delegates are encouraged to communicate the results of the Delegates Meeting to the other leaders in their Regional Families of Churches.
  • The Task Forces will take the direction given them in Chicago and develop specific proposals to be discussed and reviewed through the Proposal Process for 2018.
  • With much more prayer, openness, humility and collaboration, the final proposals will be voted on at the 2018 Delegates Meeting.

ICOC 3.0 Update #4

Conflict Resolution Task Force

Global Missions Task Force Options

Structure Task Force Options

Finances Task Force Options

Communications Task Force Options

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