New Beginnings in Bolivia

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 14:04

It has long been said that the ministry of Jesus, contained these three characteristics when describing the work of Jesus: TEACHING, PROCLAIMING and HEALING. Any ministry looking to emulate the heart of God would need to include these traits if we are to have God bless the work of any true body of believers.

"And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people."  Matthew 4:23  English Standard Version

In La Paz, Bolivia, a city who holds the title of being the highest capital city, in altitude, healing is a very needed human touch. La Paz has 30,000 children who either live or work on the streets, in extreme poverty. The opportunity to reach these mistreated and neglected souls abound. La Iglesia Discípulos de Cristo in La Paz, are ready to meet the challenge, to be known as a church that truly cares for the poor and that is seeking to teach, and proclaim God’s love and truth to everyone.

The La Paz church has been lead by faithful leaders, Edson and Teresa Aquino for over 10 years, and we appreciate all the work they have done in these past years. The La Paz church owes much of what has been built, because of the Aquino’s hearts to want to please God. We the members, and those who have known the Aquino’s all over the kingdom, wish them the best in their new journey that God has laid before them.

With a slew of new things that God has brought forth, excitement is filling the hearts and minds of the 50 disciples that are members of Jesus’ church in La Paz. For 2013 we announced that these next few months we would be focusing on the ministry of Jesus, by establishing family groups, raising up national leaders, strengthening the newly baptized Christians, having a consistent effort that the church will commit to in serving the poor, and intentionally nurturing every ministry in the church so that we all are about our purpose to seek and save what was lost. The church in La Paz believes, more than ever, that many miracles will take place that will bring much glory to God and continue to fulfill His master plan. Our leadership has begun many changes, from creating a new logo, to finding a new meeting facility, to inspiring new vision, and implementing a new leadership. The mission Jesus has given us all is primed and ready to glorify God here in La Paz!

My wife Migdalia and I, John, have been asked to lead the church here in La Paz by the Florida Mission’s council (FMC) and the local church. The FMC, which is spearheaded by John Porter, John Reus and Martin Bentley, are brothers that have also made themselves to be great resources of help and are genuine, experienced warriors we are happy to be connected to. We are honored to share the responsibility to evangelize, build up the church, and ultimately love the people in our small sector of Latin America.

After spending one year serving HOPE worldwide Bolivia, in La Paz, as a translator and administrator, not much will change in nurturing the vision we all are convinced of the why the Holy Spirit lead us here. Our vision is that we as disciples would teach, proclaim the gospel and heal all those we come in contact with, rich or poor! Our hope is to lead many to God, this is every Christian’s mission. My family and I are humbled to lead these efforts and serve the church in La Paz full-time, with this vision in mind. We are grateful for how the Bolivian national disciples have embraced our leadership and are willing to work alongside us, as we build God’s church to be what it is intended to be.

We are also very excited and grateful to be partnered with such a loving and spiritual church like the Tampa Bay Church, in Florida. We in La Paz appreciate the wisdom, leadership and encouragement that Jeff and Lisa Chacon, and Ron and Laurianne Conkling are providing for Migdalia and I as we serve. Plus, we plan on capitalizing on the friendship and partnership we share within Bolivia and South America, that includes Henry Burgos from Santa Cruz, Francisco Bedoya in Paraguay, Sebastian Serra in Argentina, and Dan Allison in Chile. In our eyes, we are surrounded to succeed, because we will work as a team, being lead by our loving Father in heaven.

Please be praying for the disciples in La Paz, as we put all our efforts to bring glory to God in our service to the Lord. We can be reached by our new email and phone number for any questions and for encouragement at the following: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 919-604-1990.

Gracias y Bendiciones!

-John Basilio

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