Why Not? Internships in San Diego....

Saturday, 02 March 2013 03:23

The top 7 reasons not to intern in San Diego are:

#7. 70 miles of beaches can be too distracting
#6. California Burritos will make you fat
#5, Having access to so much training is hazardous to being mediocre.
#4. It's weird having sunny days - every day.
#3. The surfing is just too good.
#2. The SD Zoo, Seaworld and Disneyland are way too tempting
#1. Miracles are scary!!!!!

We are proud to announce the Summer 2013 San Diego Summer Internships! San Diego is truly "Americas Finest City " with 70 miles of beautiful beaches and fantastic opportunities to serve and make a difference.

After five years of internships, this promises to be the most exciting summer internship yet! Chose interns will have the opportunity to be trained in radical leadership and community impact. The schedule will include:

Up to 3 months of training from June 1 thru August 31 with housing. (We are flexible with HOPE Youth Corps. and college school schedules).

- Being apart and learning how to organize a monster conference; The ICMC West is in San Diego!!!
- In depth bible instruction, leadership training, organizational training, hands on impact with the poor, community mobilization and more!

Working with the Mission Center of HOPE, The Door of Faith, UrbanSurf4Kids and other local nonprofits to make an international and local community impact.

Training will be done by...

  • Robert & Michele Carrillo (Biblical Scholars, Congregational Evangelis and Missionaries: Mexico and Middle Earth)
  • Guillermo and Terry Adame (Evangelist, Elder and Missionary Extraordinaire: India & Middle East)
  • James and Kelly Shultz (Evangelists and Missionaries: San Paulo Brazil)
  • Dr. John Oakes (Apologetics, Bible Education and World Traveler),
  • Jermaine and Stephanie Peacock (Evangelist and Church Builders),
  • Luis & Sylvia Mendez (Elder, Evangelist and Missionaries: Mexico),
  • Shane and Sara Engel (Evangelist and Youth and Family Ministry).

Just simply email your resume, a letter of recommendation from your ministry leader and a short 500 word essay as to why you are a great candidate. The official program dates are from June 1 thru August 31, but we are flexible depending upon your school schedule. If this page is still up we are still accepting interns! Help keep San Diego classy and spiritual!

Click for brochure >>>

Send in your materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Shane Engel @ 619.616.1811

Last Day to apply is May 1, 2013

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