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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 09:54

refugees in MunichEvery day the media show us images of tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq pouring through the borders of Southern Europe to seek asylum in the countries of Europe. The vast majority of refugees will be taken in by Germany, and you’ll be encouraged to know that good-hearted Germans, including disciples from the Munich International Church of Christ, are helping to meet the needs as the trains arrive there.

They’ve volunteered since last year at refugee help centers and temporary shelters, handing out water, food and clothes, and building tents and places for these refugees to be housed until they move to more permanent quarters. These believers see the needs and try to meet them as best they can, but with winter approaching there is added urgency to make sure the refugees are warm, fed and safe until they can reach the locations across the country where they will stay for the next year.

On the weekend of September 25-27, volunteers from Munich took a convoy of three trucks with food, clothing and medical supplies to a refugee aid station on the border between Croatia and Serbia. Roughly 3500 refugees cross there daily as they move west, and many are still in the clothes they wore when the escaped the fighting. The Munich volunteers brought supplies for about 2500 people which were quickly distributed. Another trip is planned for the weekend of October 9-11 as the cold weather sets in.

volunteersThe Central Jersey Church of Christ has set a goal to raise $20,000 to help with the costs that the Munich church encounters as they try to meet these needs. We’re calling on other congregations within our fellowship to help with this task, and we offer to provide wire transfer and local coordination to see that the money gets where it’s needed most. Already a donation has been sent from the US that will help with the next supply trip.

For information, please contact:

Horacio Piccininno
Central Jersey Church of Christ
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Reid Swanson
Munich International Church of Christ
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