First Eurasian Children's Ministry Conference --"With Faith for the Future"

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 17:28

The disciples from all over Eurasia gather in Kiev to participate in their first children's ministry conference called "With Faith for the Future."

The First Eurasian Conference/Seminar of children’s ministry “With Faith for the Future” was a very important and inspiring event in the history of our Church. Nearly 300 disciples from 26 cities in 9 countries came to the conference in Kiev from the 14th to the 16th of September.

Over these days we received very valuable experiences and lessons about the importance of children’s ministry. The opening lesson by Shawn Wooten gave us much inspiration about what an important task it is in God’s eyes to impart our faith to our children, even if it doesn’t bear visible fruit immediately. But what we invest in our children today will give them eternal fruit in the future. Shawn very openly shared his vision and showed a picture of the Kingdom in 10, 20,…. 150 years, where our children and our children’s children will be serving. We need to have strong ambition and vision, strong dreams, for children’s programming in our church.

We joyfully heard news from brothers and sisters from different countries about how the second generation in their church is gaining strength. Many teens, having seen their parents’ faith and having been in Kids’ Kingdom from a young age, are choosing to follow Christ, and this is a huge victory for God. And there are real stories of parents returning to God, having seen their children’s faith.

We had very informative lessons about developmental psychology and characteristics of children’s perception from Aleksander Kots, Moscow, and about creating Bible lessons for children from Sergey Grebtsov and Elena Wooten, Kiev. Undeniably, we need this kind of knowledge, but more importantly is love for God and for the children.

The practical seminars and classes by ministers and professionals from different cities and countries turned out to be invaluable:
1. Sunday service for 2 and 3 year-olds - practical training. Tatiana Solovianova (Rostov-on-Don, Russia).
2. Sunday service for 4 to 6 year-olds - practical training. Maksim Sorokoumov (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
3. Sunday school for 1st-3rd grade - practical training. Vladimir Erolskii (St. Petersburg) and Svetlana Kots (Moscow).
4. Sunday school for 4th-6th grade - practical training. Aleksandr Simochev (Kiev).
5. Kids’ Kingdom and children with special needs. Pavel Golub and Vlada Zikranets (Kiev).
6. City camp for grade schoolers. Tatiana Smian (Kiev).
7. Children’s ministry for smaller churches (without the ability to break into groups). Liubov Ravich (Tel-Aviv, Israel).

These brothers and sisters shared their materials and achievements, new songs they had written, and many ideas for how to lead Kids’ Kingdom classes. We saw many people who want to serve their children and make it creative and interesting.

And we still need to draw attention to the children and teens themselves of the Kiev Church, who did a lively little concert of worship songs. Two girls sang a song they had written from a Psalm of David, and it was wonderful.

We want to express an enormous amount of gratitude to the organizers of this conference. Our hearts were so strongly refreshed and fired up with new dreams by the new materials and encouragement we received!

We want to especially thank the Kiev disciples, who took us into their homes. Dear Kievites, your warm welcome and hospitality, generosity and joyful spirits touched our hearts. We are very moved. Thanks to you, we saw an incredible city and example of great families. Thank you very much!

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Trans. Tabbey Walquist

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