Boston Campus Brothers Surprise Sisters with Encouragement

Written by  Thursday, 21 February 2013 16:21

Last Friday night started off like any other Friday night for the women of the Boston campus ministry. Rushing in from classes, work, and Bible studies, they gathered together for their weekly devotional at MIT. Unknown to these ladies, however, they were walking into a surprise “sisters’ encouragement night.” Instead of the planned worship devotional, the brothers put together a night full of roses, performances, and sharing.

"It was an explosion of encouragement," said Caroline Ramos, a junior at Simmons College. "We were amazed and overwhelmed by their love." Highlights of the night included spoken word pieces, skits, songs, and sharing about the sisters. Two brothers sang their own version of "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room," by Flight of the Concords, but re-wrote the words to become "The Most Spiritual Girl in the Room."

The grand finale of the night was a music video of a re-written version of the song "Hallelujah." As the song came to an end, the lights went up and the brothers stood up and sang along, serenading the sisters with the words, "So we thank you, we thank you." "All of this was in an effort to relay the message that we, as their sisters, were adored and appreciated," said Hulteen.

What made the night most memorable for Ramos was the reaction of her visitors, who were "in awe of how the brothers treated us." One of her visitors said, "Now that I know there are guys like that in the world, I can definitely wait for God's plan."


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