Indonesia: A Hardened Heart Becomes Tender

Friday, 11 January 2013 01:59

Rorogo LawoloAbout 8 years ago, Rorogo Lawolo was invited to GKDI Bandung. At the time, 2 of his younger siblings have become church members. But then, Rorogo still hardened his heart and ignored the many invitations to study the bible. He was a workaholic and filled his life with work, abandoning his relationships with his wife and children. Shared from >>>

Time passed by, and many of his family members were won in God. His siblings, both of his children, many of his family members and in-laws became disciples of Christ one by one. His heart was still hardened and Rorogo became hostile towards those who became disciples in his family.

Three years ago, his children became so depressed that they decided not to go back home. Rorogo was heart broken and realized of what had happened all this time. Rorogo was helped by the church through many counseling sessions, so that his relationship with his children could become better. Their once stiff and rigid relationship, started to become better through time. But then, Rorogo still would not commit himself to God.

Last year, one of his sister was married to a brother in the church, Yoke. Rorogo was very inspired looking at their marriage, which was not only biblical, but also getting regular help and guidance from the church. Through this, God gave a clear message to Rorogo that this is the sort of marriage that He has in mind for His children in the church.

Becoming more and more overwhelmed by God’s work, 3 months ago Rorogo finally attended GKDI Bandung’s sunday service with a broken heart. He came crying and told a story of how empty he felt about his life. With his many mistakes and sins, he was not sure that God would still forgive him. With a humble heart, Rorogo came asking to study the bible so that his life would change.

Lawolo's VictoryOur God is a great God and full of patience. He is always willing to forgive all of our transgressions, even though we have hardened our hearts to Him. Rorogo came to God with humility, admitted all his sins and therefore God was moved to forgive all of his sins and mistakes that he had done. In the end, Rorogo Lawolo was finally baptized and become a disciple of Christ!

Today there are 11 people from the Lawolo family who had been won in Christ. Please pray so that all of the Lawolo’s, one by one, be united in Christ and became disciples too. Rorogo’s wife is currently studying the bible, inspired from how Rorogo had changed and of how seriously Rorogo repented. Rorogo’s baptism was welcomed by happy tears from all of his family, and it is our hope that soon his wife would join all of us soon and become a disciple of Christ too. Alleluia!

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