Good News from Indonesian Church Conference

Thursday, 22 November 2012 08:44

Not too long ago, the whole congregation of the Indonesian churches gathered together in Surabaya for our Nusantara Conference. Along with GKDI (Indonesian churches) Surabaya’s 20th Anniversary, this conference took “Set Apart” from Malachi, as its main theme. We studied the book of Malachi together for three days!

The first day of the conference started at 6 PM in Gramedia Expo, Jalan Basuki Rachmat, Surabaya. The Nusantara Conference was attended by around 1500 brothers and sisters from all over Indonesia (Nusantara), including some of the youngest churches like Nias and Pematang Siantar. It was heart-warming to see how much sacrifice and work that the brothers and sisters from GKDI Surabaya had done just to serve all of the brothers and sisters from Nusantara. There’s not a single brother or sister from GKDI Surabaya that did nothing, all of them sacrificed a lot of things just to serve and to make this conference as successful as it can be.


There were many shows on the stage being performed by brothers and sisters from GKDI Surabaya to entertain and to encourage all of us who attended the conference.

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