East Malaysia has Baptizing Church without Fulltime Leaders

Tuesday, 08 April 2008 18:01

Kuching is a city in Sarawak, East Malaysia on the Borneo Island. Its name means "Cat" - the righteous are "as bold as a lion!" (Proverbs 28:1)

2 years ago, Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Singapore collaborated on an effort to send disciples there regularly to evangelize. Since there was no funding for these mission trips, it was all down to the sacrificial hearts of the disciples from KL and Singapore. Bless their hearts as many had to save up for these trips as they would have to take flights to get to Kuching.

The church has no full time or experienced leaders. But what the church does have are DISCIPLES! They understood that our purpose is to make more disciples. Recently, 2 other disciples, Siew Leng and Qiu Mei, from Johor Bahru (JB) Church, a city south of Peninsula Malaysia, decided they wanted to go back to Kuching. Knowing there were already disciples there, they wanted to go back and help build the church. They were fluent in Bahasa Melayu, or the Malay language.

“It just so happened” that there was a friend, Ita, who was also only fluent in the Malay language studying the Bible. Siew Leng and Qui Mei were the perfect disciples to study with her. So they studied the Bible with Ita and she got baptized!

Another friend, Joseph, was also coming and been studying the Bible with disciples from KL and Singapore. When the disciples went back, they refused to stop studying the Bible with Joseph. Thank God for the internet and they continued studying the Bible through Skype. Joseph too got baptized!

2 years have now come and gone. The church has grown from 1 to 10 disciples! And they still do not have a full-time minister. To God Be The Glory! posted by Jerry Maday

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