China - Is the Year of the Snake Your Time to Take the One-Year Challenge?

Saturday, 09 February 2013 17:48

New Year, Big Celebrations

Next to Christmas, perhaps the most celebrated holiday in the world is Chinese New Year. Chinese not only in China but millions throughout Southeast Asia and even the West will mark this week as the start of the Year of the Snake. For China, the New Year celebration is a time for family reunions, boisterous celebrations, fireworks, and lots of food!

An Unfinished Task

And yet…after the celebrations pass, China will still be home to the world’s largest unevangelized people, over 1.3 billion souls. There are still over 100 cities with half a million or more people where we haven’t planted churches!

An Unprecedented Opportunity

China is at a critical turning point. Just 30-odd years ago all Christian churches were still shuttered and foreigners unwelcome. Today, millions are open to Christianity, with a strong interest among university students, many of whom speak English and are eager to learn more of the world outside China. In our lifetime, there has never been a greater opportunity for English-speaking disciples to come share their faith in China.

Singles Making an Impact on China Campuses

Nine disciples from the U.S.—mostly singles—planted a new campus ministry on a university complex that is home to over 25,000 resident students. We reach out to students through sports, games and everyday life, sharing the gospel as we come to know them as friends. We work under the leadership of the Chinese evangelists in our area.

Has God Opened a Door for You to China?

You don’t have to speak Chinese! Single and campus disciples with a love for the lost and a hunger to take the one-year challenge have three opportunities here:

1) Come study Chinese! Scholarships are available. Take a year off work to learn Chinese in a fulltime study program, live on campus, and reach out to your fellow Chinese students. More people speak Mandarin Chinese natively than any other language in the world.

2) Be a Self-Supporting Team Member. There are many job opportunities for teachers of English and other subjects in China. Teach children or college students. Many teachers are given on-campus housing and a salary that is more than sufficient for daily needs. Our most influential and fruitful team members have chosen to support themselves in this way.

3) Intern as a Campus Minister. Housing and a living stipend are available. If you want an opportunity to give your all to evangelizing, discipling young Christians and building a church, spend your days in Bible study and prayer, playing sports with university students, organizing activities to build friendships, and sharing the gospel with your new friends!

Is the Year of the Snake the Year You Step Out on Faith?

First, pray. Then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get detailed information to discuss with your ministry leaders. It’s not too late for another New Year’s resolution: to pray for China to know the love of Jesus!


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