2016 West & Central Africa Discipleship Summit: Days 1-2 Featured

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 11:03

IMG-20160806-WA0012The Ministry Training Academy (MTA) kicked off the 2016 West and Central Africa Discipleship Summit here in Accra, Ghana on August 3, 2016 with the wonderful bilingual worship in French and English.

The first class of the day was taught by Dave Pocta and Doug Wens, evangelists with the Mission Point Christian Church (San Antonio, Texas) and the Greater Houston Church of Christ. The topic was "Spiritual Formation – God’s Roles and Ours." Dave Pocta took ministry leaders on a powerful theological journey to understand the full dimensions of our salvation.

Dave taught us that God’s love and grace work in our lives even before we are aware of it. He works before our salvation to lead us to himself, during our salvation to cleanse, justify, forgive and acquit us of every sin and accusation and he continues to work after our salvation to transform us into the image of his son.

SAM 3900-1Dave helped us understand that transformation is God’s work, not ours. As we abide in God’s presence, he himself transforms us (2 Corinthians 3:15-18). He transforms us through struggle and challenges and also through his words.

Doug Wens taught the practical aspect of spiritual formation, which is our role in God’s process. For God to transform us, we must submit to be trained, to prepare and to obey (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). With a learner's heart we grow, and when we lose our learner's heart, we stagnate.

This class ended with a powerful reminder and encouragement that God has placed every single one of us in the place where we can best grow.

Day two of the conference began with a very impacting class by Mike Taliaferro on "Becoming an Expert Builder." He taught that in order to become an expert builder, we must develop a lifestyle of a powerful and faith-filled prayer life.

Leaders were encouraged and challenged to become men and women of humility who expect miracles in their various ministries, who prepare for fire, who build families, have fun, and persevere.

west and central africa discipleship summit day oneThe second crucial aspect of becoming an expert church builder is to become a self-reproducer. Drawing wonderful insights from the book of Acts and the letters to Timothy, Mike spoke passionately, calling on leaders of today’s churches to deliberately focus on raising up the next line of tomorrow’s leadership.

In his next class titled "Ministry Roles," Mike Taliaferro taught about the essence of working together as a team for the glory of God. He explained the various roles and responsibilities of an evangelist, elders and the Board of Trustees and how they should work together for a common goal. Anne-Brigitte also explained the roles of the women’s ministry leader, calling on the sisters to embrace the role that God called them out for.

The second class of the day was a very practical class by Dave Pocta titled "Church Discipline and Extra Ordinary Situations," a topic that is difficult for many church leaders.

Dave painstakingly took leaders through the basic Bible principles underlying church discipline, calling leaders to stay faithful to scriptures in all circumstances and to keep the right motivation of love for the individual and protection of the church.

IMG-20160806-WA0008-1024x768The final class of the day was taught by Damon Curtis, Dave Pocta and Mike Taliaferro on "Building Vibrant Ministries." Damon gave many helpful practicals on how to build vibrant marrieds and singles ministries, how to inject fresh ideas and how to harness the various talents in our ministries.

Dave taught about the importance of the youth and family ministry in our local maturing congregations and how to practically build that ministry. Finally, Mike closed out by calling church leaders back to the campus and to build the campus ministries in all our cities.

See more pictures and videos here.

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